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The "Women's Initiatives Supporting Group (WISG)" is a feminist organization working on women's issues. WISG has been founded by 8 women with different proffesions on June 29, 2000.

The main goal of the organization is supporting the formation of a harmonious society based on principles of social justice by empowering women, which shall ensure full involvement and equal participation in social, political, cultural and economic life for all women.

The organization's special target group includes lesbian and bisexual women, transgender persons, women representing ethnic and religious minorities, living in rural areas, with disabilities and representing other vulnerable and marginalized groups.

To achieve its objectives, the organization shall carry out its activities in the following areas:

- Promoting the empowerment of women at personal as well as inter-personal levels;

- Securing equal rights and opportunities for women through advocacy and lobbying;

- Popularization of ideas of equality, feminist vision, rights of women and minorities, and building respect towards their rights among the society.