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Trans Narratives

Trans Narratives is one of the ways to fight the invisibility of trans people.

Stories, that trans people tell, are gathered here under the name of Trans Narratives. These are the stories and viewpoints of people who live together with us, in the same society, and yet are often left invisible, or worse - rejected and oppressed. Trans narratives are also rarely shared; we rarely see the representation of the alternative reality which is always there, around and so close to us but no one tells us about it. Through gathering trans narratives, together with their authors we in the first place tried to fill in the gap in the system created for everyday storytelling and to give trans people possibility to create texts, similar to what they would want to read or hear s as trans people.

Trans Narratives is the part of the project "Strengthening the involvement of LBT persons in activism". the project is financially supported by "Women's Fund in Georgia."

Trans Narratives