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Since 2010, “Women’s Initiatives Supporting Group” actively works on issues of sexual and reproductive health of lesbian, bisexual and transgender women. Regarding these issues, organization has carried out a research and produced brochures with relevant information on reproductive and sexual health. In 2010, within the organization the initiative group “LBTika” was formed. The aim of the group was popularization of sexual and reproductive health and rights among the community members.

The mental health of LGBT community members is also an important aspect for the organization. WISG provides free counseling with the psychologist and the sexologists for the community members.

WISG with Transgender Europe(TGEU) and with other member organisations is conducting a survey on healthcare for trans people who are age 16 and older in Georgia, Poland, Serbia, Spain, or Sweden. Transgender Europe, is working together with member organisations in these 5 countries to improve healthcare for trans people by identifying discriminatory treatment and improving conditions.